Merlin Assist Chatbot

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Merlin Assist is a powerful and user-friendly application designed to enhance the accessibility and functionality of the Zycus suite. With Merlin Assist, users can efficiently access the various tools and features offered by Zycus, simplifying the procurement and sourcing process.

Merlin Assist streamlines common actions, making them easier to perform, and consolidates essential notifications in one centralized location for quick reference.

Moreover, Merlin Assist prioritizes frequently accessed actions, making them easily accessible with just a few clicks. This optimization ensures that users can perform common tasks swiftly, further enhancing their productivity and overall user experience.

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Initiate contact by greeting "Hi Merlin."
Request email display of requestions from Merlin.
Inquire about the latest pending contracts.
Approve contracts with a simple mention.
Track Requisitions using keywords.
Delegate PR to your colleague.
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